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Complete Writing and Editing Services

     Publicity: Brochures, Feature Articles, Press Releases

     White Papers
     Technical writing: manuals, grants, instructions

     Agency Services

     Help for self-publishers: ebook and print editing and publishing services

  Why I write, and
  why I should write
  for you:
  Anyone can sing. I don't sing.
  Anyone can write. I write.

  How did this choice come about?    
  Because I don't sing well, and
  I do write well.

  I leave singing to the professionals.
  There is a parallel when it comes
     to writing.
  Let me do the writing.

--Editor of over 4000 articles 
   and several books.
--Veteran writer, with paid 

   bylined work in over fifty

--Recognized by peers as

   "the  world's most widely-

   published working aviation

   writer" in 2014.

--Thousands of published

   articles and photographs in

   technical, travel, and

   aviation genres.

   Author of crime novels and

   non-fiction management 

   books; co-author of

   survival books.

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