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Tim Kern's background lets him connect clients' and readers' needs. He brings experience, education, and curiosity together with the teller's enthusiasm and the wordsmith's nuanced skills to answer the questions the reader wants to know, and that the client wants asked.

A classically-trained musician with a degree in music, a minor in physics, years in machine shops and manufacturing, a finance and logistics Dean's List MBA from Northwestern University -- this background served him well as a CFO, a CEO, and an entrepreneur, and made his fifteen years teaching students from high school through postgraduate levels as entertaining and informative (to a few blessed students!) as his nine years as a talk radio and television host.

Tim continues to write for the aviation press and has in recent years turned his passion for travel to another vocation: travel writing.

Starting in 2016, he has published a number of crime novels under Mystery One (TM) Publishing,  the latest of which is now in galleys.

Whether you need editing or complete writing services, brochures, articles, or books, contact Tim Kern.
Whether you need whole marketing plans or press releases; news stories of your company or white papers; market and competitive analysis, or you're looking for industry insight, contact Tim Kern.


Agency Services
If you believe you would be well-served by beginning an advertising campaign, or if you would like to maintain and upgrade your print and web presence, Tim Kern will research your market and help you “take dead aim” at your target market.

After we determine your advertising needs, we can develop your theme, plan your ad campaign, and create the image you need to project. After proper research and consideration of budget, we'll compose and place your ad in the most-beneficial venues.

What's in it for you?  You'll receive just one bill for the ad composition, photography and artwork (if necessary),
ad copy, layout, and placement in the best places for you.

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