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The Body in the Truck                
Mystery One TM Publishing,   (c)2018

The rental truck was booked to go one-way to Texas.

But there was a body in the back.

Detectives Jerry Redding and Fred "Tree" Stumpf

don't have a clue at first, but gathering clues and solving murders is their job.
Everyone's a suspect, including friends and family, and everyone, from the victim's husband to the family dog, has a story to tell.
Set near and around Michigan City, Indiana and Chicago, this is more than a local tale; it o\involves small-time organized crime, Cubans and Salvadorans posing as Mexicans, a guy named for a pasta, and a bit of comic relief from local police, the FBI, and the BATF. 

Oh -- and it's based on a true event.

Fully as suspenseful as Kern's other books, 

The Body in the Truck was written to be acceptable reading at a PG-13 level.

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Like Murder, Like Son                
Mystery One TM Series,   (c)2018

Ted and Lewis are just two regular guys,
typical roommates.
Except that Ted's mom and Lewis
are lovers.
Their first year at college, Ted and Lewis
become best friends.
Their second year, they solve a murder.
And commit one.

​Ultimately, one must ask if "justice"
is created by the law
or by the conscience of humanity.

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Caught by a Cat: Not a children's book    

 in the Mystery One TM Series,   (c)2017

The loan shark's lawyer collected for him, but the man's wife was the lawyer's lover.
He convinced her to kill her husband for the insurance, but she disappeared.
The police thought she had skipped town.
Was the lawyer playing both sides? Maybe -- but we'll have to ask someone else, because now he's dead, too.


 Edge-of-seat police procedural where the bad guys help the good guys (only occasionally on

purpose and) only after it's too late -- after the cat breaks the case.

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EGOFALL: Ego. Paranoia. Murder                      (c) 2016   

Richard Bronner, respected college president and model citizen, had no criminal experience, and he didn't know any criminals, or how to think like a criminal. He didn't even watch crime shows on television, but he knew he was headed down a criminal path.
Where would it lead, and how would he get there? He didn't know that, either, but he knew that he was about to go... somewhere, down an unknown, dark lane. And Tommy Burkett was hitchhiking on it.

A study of a man so concerned with the image he created of himself that it drove him to madness and murder. A study of your neighbor.


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There are more titles coming, just as soon as I get through today's mail.

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